About Us

Upholding excellence in real estate asset management through core values of transparency and trust; investment discipline; responsible investment and compliance.

WG Associates is founded on strong ethical values – particularly environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) – and fair, honest and transparent business practices.

About the company

WG Associates is a boutique, independent practice, which brings decades of expertise in real estate acquisition, development, management and disposal to financial institutions that intend to:

  • Diversify into direct real estate or into alternative real estate-related investments;
  • Maximise the potential of their property portfolio;
  • Expand into new European markets.

The interests of WG Associates are uniquely aligned with client objectives for sustainable, secure, long-term growth of the portfolio.

WG Associates was founded by Walther Ghislain LLM MRICS, in 2010, with as main objective to advise Real Estate Investment Funds as they developed pan-European property portfolios, spanning all asset classes. Most recently, Walther Ghislain facilitated the development of M&G Real Estate’s European asset management platform, based in Paris.

In his 30 years in the real estate business, Walther Ghislain has built a vast network in all property-related disciplines, across the whole of Europe.

Core values

Transparency, trust and reporting:
No conflicts of interest. WG Associates neither invests directly in real estate, nor accepts retrocessions or commissions from any party. Clients receive a detailed monthly or quarterly account of activities and performance of assets, and can log-in at any time to receive real-time information.

Investment discipline:

Scrupulous due diligence. Comprehensive analysis of market conditions, assessment of risk and formation of realistic expectations of asset value and income takes place before every investment decision. Ongoing evaluation and rebalancing of the portfolio in line with client objectives and risk profile. All key decisions are taken in close consultation with our client/investor – WG Associates does not work on a discretionary basis.

Responsible investment:
No investment decision or business deal takes place without diligent evaluation of the ESG impact of the real estate and business parties. This includes sustainable use of energy, emissions and consumption of raw materials and community impact of the property and corporate governance of the vendor and/or tenant.

Compliance and governance:
Strict adherence to the rules of engagement of the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD), the INREV and Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) Guidance, not forgetting local regulations in all jurisdictions of operation. Zero tolerance of any practices that facilitate money-laundering or tax evasion.


A successful real estate strategy must balance capital preservation with wealth creation. It must focus on a long-term horizon, constructing a diversified portfolio that covers multiple asset classes across different geographies. But it should remain flexible, always striving to minimise operational cost and risk.

Active asset management is critical to ensure optimised return on investment. Close co-operation between landlords and tenants on property enhancement and leasing strategies is key to speeding up and reducing the costs of transactions, and improving the capital value and income from the property.

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